Fudgerrific - About Us

Fudgerrific is an independent one-person company, me - Richard Oldham, with regular help from my wife and son. Between us, we develop, make and sell all our products from home (my son particularly likes the 'develop' part of the operation ...... plenty of experimenting and tasting).

I have always been practical and like cooking. I started making sweets for Christmas at a very young age. At that time and for safety reasons I was limited to making confectionery with minimal cooking such as peppermint creams and 'uncooked' fudge. Later I made toffee which I sold for charity at a school event and continued with my Christmas sweet making.

My passion for sweet making then took a backward step when I left school to train as an apprentice mechanical and manufacturing engineer. I worked in engineering for some twenty years before branching, among other things, into teaching the subject (or, more correctly, subjects), which I still do on a part time basis. Although I am now degree and post-graduate qualified, I still enjoy actually making things with my hands. Perhaps it is this, combined with my old passion for making (and eating) sweets that has taken me to the logical step of owning my own fudge making business.

I hope you get a chance to try our products. We strive to make terrific fudge to the highest standard. They are truly hand-made with loving care and attention and we sincerely hope they bring you joy and happiness.